James Lawson Institute Stockton, CA 2020 Application
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Tell Us about Yourself: Nonviolent Action Self-Assessment
1. How did you learn about the James Lawson Institute?
2. Were you referred to the institute, and, if so, by whom?
3. How would you describe your interest in the Lawson Institute?
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1. In a paragraph, which nonviolent campaigns or movements in history have inspired you and why?
2. Please write 1–2 paragraphs on your experience to date with nonviolent action and/or organizing, and why you became involved in this work.
3. In a couple of paragraphs, what is your hope or your imagining regarding (a) how you see nonviolent civil resistance affecting social change, and (b) if you could organize your ideal mass nonviolent campaign what issue(s) would you target?
4. Regarding this new moment in our U.S. history, select a hero or heroine whose leadership in a nonviolent conflict has been important for you and share a paragraph on how you think he or she would respond to the current situation.
5. Are you hoping to gain particular skills or knowledge from the Lawson Institute that could help you to become a more effective leader, organizer, or planner of nonviolent struggles?
6. Thinking about how you will apply the content offered by JLI, please write a paragraph or two on how you plan to use the knowledge and practice offered by the institute?
7. What is your opinion about the involvement of a violent wing as part of a campaign? *
Share your personal response to one of two resources on nonviolent action
 Please give us your personal reaction to one of the two resources offered here.

The Surprising Success of Nonviolent Resistance

Inoculating Your Movement Against Violent Flanks
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We work on an honor system, combined with your personal qualifications, for determining invitations to a Lawson Institute. The per person food, lodging, tuition, and materials costs for the Portland JLI (four nights) learning opportunity is $1,245 per person. Some scholarships are also available. We heavily subsidize this overall cost to encourage participation from the largest and most diverse pool of talent. However, to maintain organizational financial sustainability we do need to cover some of the operational costs of putting on the institute. Below are the suggested fees. Please choose the one that fits your position or group. For the April 22-26 institute itself *
Please advise us regarding your situation in a paragraph. *
FINANCIAL ASPECTS : Food, Lodging, Tuition, and Travel
The last question inquires as to whether you can cover your own transportation costs to reach the institute in Portland, Oregon? We also stand ready to discuss this with you. Indeed, you may receive a telephone call from one of our team to discuss your application.
Can you be responsible for your transportation?
Once you have completed the above application, please read and sign the following contract that covers specific understandings, preparation, and activities that you will undertake before and during the JLI experience.

1. I am committed to nonviolent action (what Gandhi called a process, method, and technique for achieving social change) and expect this to be the topic for the Lawson institute, if I am invited to attend.

2. I shall read the Abstracts that are sent out in advance for most sessions, plus any other materials that JLI asks before my arrival for the institute. (Some free time is built into the schedule, and it is possible for participants to organize an event for an evening.)

3. I understand that a variety of teaching methods will be used in the educational program, including: PowerPoint and other presentations, small-group breakout sessions, dramatic skits, interactive exercises, simulations, films, and discussions. (A provisional plan for the institute’s topics is posted on the website (http://jameslawsoninstitute.org/2018ohio/ - subject to revision.)

4. I agree to adhere to the program and activities as scheduled (eight hours per day). I agree to be present for all sessions and to avoid distracting with electronic devices.

5. I shall involve myself thoroughly in the small breakout groups that offer me an opportunity to consider new ideas, practice dynamics, and participate in dramatic simulations, interactive exercises, small-group discussions, and sessions of the whole.

Do you agree to the five statements above?
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