Student Voluntary for International Events
General requirements:
1. Basic English communication skills (able to give directions & on-filed supports to international delegations)
2. Able to attend AT LEAST 01 training session at campus (hosts & announces by Office of International Relations - Projects Management - IRPM, and/or partner institution(s))
3. Be present on time
4. In case of cancellation, successful candidate(s) MUST contact IRPM directly AT LEAST 07 days BEFORE the event. If not, said candidate might be banned from future registration.

. English Certificate of Participation, signed by VNUHCM - University of Science, and/or partner institution(s)
. Fixed schedule (usually 01 morning session at 09:00 - 11:00 AM, and/or 01 afternoon session at 02:00 - 04:00 PM, on Monday OR Thursday)

VNUHCM - University of Science, Office of International Relations & Projects Management
Tel: (+84) 2838 308 557 (#1900) - Ms. DO Hong Xuan Nguyen (Rosaline)

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