Get Ready! About Our Team
Please complete this form with your entire team. It may also be helpful to have your Team Facilitator's help as well. Your team will submit only ONE form per team.
School Name(s) - list all schools that your team attends *
What district does your school belong to?
Team Name (if different than School Name)
What is your Team Address? *
This is your school or adult sponsor's home address for us to send potential gifts/prizes/Eco-Grant!
What is your Team Facilitator's Email? *
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How many students are on your team? *
List each of your team member's First Name and Last initial below. Remember: Each team member must have a parent/guardian complete the Consent to Participate Form found in the online Guidebook. *
What will be your team's main meeting time and location? *
Example: Our team will meet virtually (using Mrs. Smith's Zoom) on Mondays at 3pm.
Does your team have a team picture (taken SAFELY, over video chat or prior to "safer at home" orders)? *
If yes, please email it to your Advisor and include the names of all members in the picture listed in the order they appear in the photo from left to right.
Does your team or school have any social media accounts? If so, what are the names and/or handles? *
Thank you for completing the form so we can learn more about your Climate Solutions Campaign team! We are excited to start this green journey with you.
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