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TITLE: Juniper Rise
AUTHOR: Anne Lucy-Shanley
SERIES: Mayfly Hollow #2
(*Note. This book is part of a series but can be read as a STANDALONE.)

GENRE: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Zombie Fiction, Action / Steamy Romance
RELEASE DATE: April 4, 2022
PUBLISHER: Indie published
PAGES: 375
PERSPECTIVE: Single POV, 3rd person limited


Sofia Spenser, plus-size social media influencer with a popular online blog, has it all—a loving family, lots of admirers, and privilege that only money can buy. But when the Z virus snatches away everything she’s ever known in the blink of an eye, Sofia finds herself hopeless and alone. Yearning for an escape from her desolation, she prays for people. Community. A place to belong. Safety.

Then charismatic nomad Ben Cassidy and his ragtag band of followers show up, an antidote to Sofia’s soul-crushing loneliness, and a buffer against the looming threat of the ever-present Zs.

The group is heaven sent, although dynamics are at play that Sofia doesn’t understand. Still, there are worse things than holing up with hot-as-sin former defense attorney Ben—even during Armageddon, a girl has needs. When he proposes the unexpected, Sofia knows her heart already belongs to him, and she’s determined to give him her body too, all else be damned. Juniper Rise has the potential to change her life—it’s a chance at a real future—but will it be a future with Ben?

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