Priscilla's Place Application
We believe you can experience life change and freedom from addiction. At Priscilla’s Place we offer both a 12-15 month full program and a 5-8 week crisis program. The program is focused on the sobriety and well-being of our students spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. This is a para-professional program with a strong faith-based philosophy of recovery.

Providing residence for those struggling with addictions and offering a structured setting with groups and classes is a very challenging endeavor. We recognize there are physical and neuro-chemical components to addiction. We are not qualified to address mental illness or the neuro-chemical components of addiction, but will provide to the best of our ability, an atmosphere of spiritual nurturing with boundaries and goal-setting opportunities.

Before applying you should read through these documents to be sure this program is right for you:

General Program Rules Agreement - Click here:
Case Management and Medication Policies - Click here:

If you are ready to take the step today to apply to the Teen Challenge program, complete this online application and our Intake Team will contact you to discuss your application.

NOTE: This is the full application and will take 20-30 MINUTES TO COMPLETE.

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