30 Hour Famine Youth Permission Form 2019
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My child has my permission to participate in the 30 Hour Famine at the Wilmington United Methodist Church March 2-3. During this time he/she will learn about hunger in the world and in our community *
Registration MUST be received by February 15th to purchase a group T-shirt. Cost is $15.00 per shirt. No extra shirts will be purchased this year.
T-Shirt size (adult sizes) *
I will send in a check by Feb 15 to order a T-shirt (make check payable to WUMC . Please write “Famine Tshirt” in memo line.) *
General Information
~Sign-in on March 2, 2019 promptly at 7:00am at WUMC with a parent/guardian to complete registration. ~Not eating for 30 hours – I understand that the fast is not mandatory and my child will be encouraged to eat, if needed, for any reason. Fasting is a tool to gain understanding about hunger. Food is always available. ~Drinking water and juice are mandatory for a successful, safe and healthy experience. ~Be fully engaged and participate in all aspects of the 30 Hour Famine. ~Have his/her photo/video taken and used by project programs, WUMC or other participating church for presentation during worship, publicity in newspaper, website television etc… or other presentation. *
Work Site
Saturday Service Project
~Participate in various service projects, programs and games that will include riding in a vehicle to a work site, project or event, in Wilmington &/or surrounding communities, driven by an Authorized Adult Famine Participant. ~Work at off-site location under the guidance of the site coordinator and supervised by an approved member of our own congregation as required by WUMC Safe Sanctuary policy. ~Follow all guidelines, rules and requirements of work site. (Possible waiver for site may be needed) ~Choose work site location on Sign Up genius ASAP to get first choice. If no selection is made, you will be assigned a location. *
Personal Responsibility
Electronics & Dress Code
~No youth is permitted to leave the church or work site without the written permission of parent and signing out with Famine organizer. ~Under no circumstances are Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Weapons of any kind permitted in any place, time or location of the 30 Hour Famine or any other WUMC event. ~Electronics are discouraged. A famine participant may have a cell phone for contact with family and individual music on headphones at bed time. Use of camera is prohibited in sleeping rooms. Cell phones or electronics use that separate a student from being engaged in famine activities will be held by a lead adult until appropriate use time. ~Loss or damage to personal items at own risk. If you don’t want it lost or broken, don’t bring it to the Famine. ~Dress appropriately. Events of the 30 Hour Famine take place in many locations and all weather conditions. Bring clothes and footwear appropriate for all weather and work conditions. Including a hat, gloves & boots. During non-work site times, clothing respectful of each other and location is required. T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers are most practical. No disrespectful messages on T’s will be tolerated. You will be asked to change any clothing that does not reflect our Christian Love. No excess skin or undergarments should be visible. *
Adult Participation
Adults/Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in 30 Hour Famine. Adults may stop by WUMC to witness some of the action. Adults are not permitted to stay at the church overnight, participate in work sites, instruct, or direct games or activities of the event without participating in the Pre-Famine Adult Participant Meeting scheduled for February 9th at 8:30 a.m. and completing the required forms and CORI check
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