In Focus opportunity monitoring information
Please answer the questions below about yourself if you are applying for the In Focus opportunity. If you are supporting an In Focus applicant, or making an application on their behalf, please answer the questions about them.

The information you share will be anonymous. This means that we won't know that the information is about you, or a particular applicant. We will not look at the information you share on this form together with your application. This means that the information you share with us won't make a difference to your application.

We will use the information to find out whether we have reached different types of people with this opportunity. For example, whether we have reached more men than women, or more people who live in London. This information helps us to make sure we reach different people with other opportunities in the future.

The Photoworks website,, has more details on how we look after your personal information.

If you don't want to answer a question, please tick 'prefer not to say'.

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