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Recommendation may be given by the Therapist with reference to future treatments, activities, occupational and sleep mechanics. The Therapist neither diagnoses illnesses, disease or any other physical or mental disorder, nor performs any spinal manipulations. At times, one may feel some post- therapy tenderness due to lengthening and compression of connective tissue.

I understand that the massage services provided by this licensed Massage Therapist are provided pursuant to and in accordance to the laws of the state of Massachusetts governing massage therapy and that a full and complete medical disclosure is essential in providing such therapy. I agree to hold harmless, release and indemnify this massage establishment against any and all liability arising from the application of massage therapy. By signing this release form, I hereby declare that I have provided the Massage Therapist with all relevant information necessary for the proper application of massage therapy and I expressly give my permission for this Massage Therapist to provide such therapy.



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 I understand the Boston Bodyworker 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, as follows:

First: “Late Cancel” or “No Show” – No Fee. Second: “Late Cancel” or “No Show” – 25% fee of the original price of the missed appointment.

Third: “Late Cancel” or “No Show” – 50% fee of the original price of the missed appointment.

Any appointment following these occasions will be subject to a charge of the full fee of the missed appointment.

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