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Thank you for your interest in working with Charity Crate! We offer many benefits and plenty of value to the nonprofits and charities we partner with.

Our large base of loyal Charity Craters look forward to opening up their Charity Crates every month to learn about what amazing new causes they are supporting. In addition to you gaining exposure to hundreds of potential new donors, many of our subscribers proudly share their crates with friends and family online which in turn allows your organization to reach thousands more people through social media. At Charity Crate our goal is to make the act of donation fun, exciting, and cool!

And of course, you’ll receive a publicly made donation from us, 60% of our subscriber fees to your crate, that goes straight to you so you can put those funds to work doing the most good with what you do!

And all this comes at NO COST to you beyond the value of the promotional items you donate to Charity Crate and the cost of shipping them to us. Instead we pay you for partnering up work with us. Charity Crate is a donation and marketing match made in heaven!

So in order to better help facilitate how and if Charity Crate can work with you, please fill out the application form below.
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1. Organization Name:
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3. What kind of cause(s) does your organization support?
4. How long has your organization been in operation for?
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6. In a short paragraph, explain your organization's mission statement.,
Promotional Products
An additional perk to partnering with Charity Crate is that each crate includes a letter, pamphlet, or brochure as an additional way for you to build a connection with our subscribers. This letter is chance to make a great first impression, show off all the great work accomplished by your organization, and help turn Charity Craters into loyal donors if they are enticed to contact you further on their own!

7. Do you currently have, or will you be able to provide an intro letter for our Charity Crate subscribers?
For Charity Crate to be successful, we have to mail out boxes of product from your organization to our subscribers. The Charity Crate subscription box is what makes us unique and is one of the main values we create for our customers. Because of this, the promotional and marketing products you give for us to mail out are one of the biggest factors to determine if you can take advantage of our services, and if we can help you. A lack of promotional materials doesn’t mean we cannot partner with you in the future, but it will limit our ability to partner with you in the immediate time frame.

Examples of promotional products can be, but are not limited to: pens, stickers, wristbands, t-shirts, soft foam goods, water bottles etc.
8. Please create a list of the promotional materials you have that can be mailed out and approximately how many. Keep in mind items must be able to fit into at the most, a 9x6x3 inch box for us to mail them out.
9. Name and phone number or email with the best way to contact you.
Thank you for filling out our charity application form. If we determine your organization would be a great candidate for our services we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Have a great day! And don't forget to smile!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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