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Amber Burn is a place where we put the mobile phones and cameras away, respect each participant's privacy and do not publish anything without their consent. However, if making photos or/and videos is your passion, you have the right to express yourself and create art as a photographer, videographer or audio artist.

Every participant who wants to capture the moments in Amber Burn needs registration with AB Team - Eye Pass covers that. Prior to publicity on any media or social networking platform, every photographer, professional or not, having Eye Pass and a ticket of the event, must have a written permission from Amber Burn representative.

It is all about common sense and respect – ask first. All photographers, professional and otherwise, must not interfere with the immediate experience of other participants. You must ask permission before photographing or filming any participant. If you are asked to stop filming you must do so immediately.

Please, keep in mind that Eye-pass does not cover the ticket to the event. ALL participants must register and get the ticket to attend AB.
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