Braneshop Deep Learning Prep Quiz
This pre-assessment quiz has been designed to ensure that you have the necessary programming skills to complete the workshop successfully. The quiz will assess your skills in Python and a score of 70% is the baseline needed to participate in the workshop.

If you don't do well in the pre-assessment quiz today, that’s OK! Take some time to work on your Python programming and come back later, try

Good luck!

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Which one of these defines a function, in Python?
Which of the following statements builds a list, in Python?
More than one answer may be selected.
Have you ever used a Jupyter Notebook?
If you've not done so, please attempt it now!
In Python, the "with" statement is useful for ...
Which of the following defines a tuple, in Python?
More than one answer may be selected.
What are the valid ways of obtaining the first element of a list, y = [1,2,3], into a variable named "x" ?
More than one answer may be selected.
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