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Use this form to submit your results for the Victor Run during the timeframe of June 5-7, 2020. You need to provide your e-mail address below to enable any follow-up correspondence regarding your race results, and/or the shipment of your finisher medal and any other prize associated with the Victor Run.
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Either (a) provide a *public* link to your GPS-tracked running activity, or (b) send an e-mail to with verifiable evidence of your run (e.g., screenshots of your time and pace). If you choose option (b), include the text "Sent e-mail on [DAY, TIME]" and replace "[DAY, TIME]" with the actual day and time you sent the e-mail. Feel free to describe your result in terms of time, distance, splits per mile, and elevation gain, if you believe that this information is not immediately apparent from the link or screenshots you provide.
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Needed to send you the finisher medal, if you donated or placed among the top 30 runners, and any other prize you might have earned. This information will not be used for any other purpose and will be kept private. PLEASE NOTE: International shipments may take longer because of pandemic-related restrictions, so your patience would be greatly appreciated.
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Provide your name or initials below to indicate agreement. *
By participating in the Victor Run, I, the undersigned, acknowledge that all decisions made by the race organizers are final, binding, and non-challengeable except at the sole discretion of the race organizers. I also completely, absolutely, in entirety, forever, and in perpetuity release the race organizers – as well as individuals and organizations including but not necessarily limited to Gennady Stolyarov II, Victor Bjoerk, the United States Transhumanist Party, LongeCity, or any member or Officer of any of the aforementioned organizations – from any and all liability associated, or conceivably associated in any manner or under any legal theory or set of arguments in any jurisdiction whatsoever, with my participation in the Victor Run or in any other run. I agree that my donation to the BASE Victor @ OpenCures fundraiser is a worthwhile contribution in its own right and is not refundable under any circumstances, irrespective of whether I choose to complete the Victor Run or the outcome of that run. I agree that running is a potentially risky activity and that running a virtual race entails hazards that vary depending on the environment, the weather, time of day, the health and fitness of the athlete, the behavior of other individuals, vehicular traffic, and numerous other conceivable circumstances. It is entirely my responsibility to take appropriate precautions to minimize or reduce these hazards. I agree to take full and complete responsibility for my health and safety during the course of this run and specifically acknowledge that the virtual race format does not allow the race organizers to provide any medical or other health-related support to me. Neither the race organizers nor any party mentioned above have any power to prevent any adverse outcomes to me, and as such I alone have the ability and the responsibility to run in a manner that would lower the probability of such adverse outcomes. I also agree that it is my sole responsibility as an individual to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and requirements that may pertain to my decision to run in any particular location. Neither the race organizers nor any party mentioned above have any responsibility or oversight regarding my choice of running location. I agree that all final race results and point totals will be published along with the names, ages, and genders of the individuals participating in the Victor Run. I acknowledge that this is standard practice for running races, and I consent to the public disclosure of this information without reservation.
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