Kaleidoscope Youth Center HHN Host Application

Thank you for your interest in participating in Kaleidoscope Youth Center's (KYC) Host Home Network (HHN).

The program and the people behind it have a deep commitment to our communities, our youth, and social change – not just through the sharing of resources, but through a transformative and intimate process of sharing our homes and our lives.

Being a host is a powerful and unique experience, and may be as challenging as it is rewarding. Becoming a Host is a serious commitment and one that should be carefully considered. Hopefully it will prove to be gratifying and empowering for everyone involved.

We are committed to a collaborative and supportive process; one that keeps you informed and consistently provides the needed support, training, and resources for hosts and youth program participants. Host files are made available to youth for youth-driven selection. The Housing Program Manager provides support to hosts and youth. Hosts can receive additional peer support from other HHN Hosts through a private online support group on Facebook.

Included in this packet you will find the following: eligibility requirements, questions to consider before getting started, HHN values, and the application checklist. Please read thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions.

Again, thank you so much for wanting to be a part of this program. We are committed to doing our best in securing safer and nurturing homes for the LGBTQIA+ youth who need them. It is only through the generosity, spirit of solidarity, and commitment of people like you that we are able to offer stable and affirming homes to youth.

In Community Solidarity,

KYC Housing Team
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