How can WATESOL help you this year?
As an educator you’ll know, that the best way to find out what a learner needs, is to ask!

We’re committed to putting on the best PD opportunities for you this year, but we know (as well as you do), we can only do that if you tell us what preferences you have.

If you’re interested in attending or contributing to online or face to face PD opportunities this year, please fill out this 7 question survey – promise, it should take less than 2 minutes of your time!

1. What ESL/EALD area do you work in? Tick as many as apply to your situation. *
2. What areas do you need the most help with in the classroom? What things do you struggle with the most? What PDs do you secretly wish your school would provide? *
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3. How much would you pay for a face to face, 2 hour, after school PD (with light refreshments)? *
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4. Would you pay to attend the face to face PD if you knew you could access a free video recording of the event later? *
5. If there was no free video recording of the event available afterwards, would you pay to attend the event as a ‘virtual participant’ online? (You could ask questions, receive handouts and all materials as the face to face participants would.) *
6. Is there anything you would like to share with other WATESOL members? Pedagogy, resources, research or any materials or links that other members may find useful?
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7. Is there anything else you think WATESOL should know about? Things we can advocate on your behalf for? Please leave your name and email if you'd like us to get in touch and discuss this with you personally.
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