Roanoke's Neighborhood Creativity Inventory
What would our city look like if we aligned the creative talent of every willing resident? We can take on neighborhood-driven projects in which creative residents provide support, guidance, and talent. If you're interested in being on the list to pitch in on a project, give us the information below, and we'll make sure we keep you posted though the Roanoke Arts Commission and neighborhood leaders on coming efforts. For starters, take part in the ARCHES project happening now though the fall as we pilot what this can look like (
1. Name of Artist/Creative Person *
For youth: please include a Parent's name for youth. (Please give the parent's contact information.)
2. Email Address *
3. Phone Number
4. Which neighborhood you live in? *
5. What creative work do you do professionally? *
6. What creative work do you do as a hobby?
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