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Project PINK BLUE Volunteer Form
Project PINK BLUE is a community-based cancer non-profit engaged in cancer awareness, free cancer screenings and support to people battling with cancer. Our Vision is phase-out advanced/late diagnosis of cancer in Africa and to reduce the incidence of cancer in Africa. We are so passionate to have over 1000 volunteers to join us. #iVolunteer4PPB.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. ~Elizabeth Andrew

Join the Changemakers. Join #ProjectPinkBlue
To learn more about us: Visit: Watch our impact: or Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & Facebook: @ProjectPinkBlue

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How do you think you can positively impact Project PINK BLUE?
What is your Motivation to volunteer for Project PINK BLUE?
What area do you think you can function appropriately?
How would you rate your knowledge of Cancer and its effects in Nigeria?
Would you be available during the Project PINK BLUE community outreaches, events & activities?
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