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To be submitted before the start and at the end of any testing period.
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If you do not know it enter 000 and our staff can track it down while processing. If you are not a member yet, go and fill out the Membership Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfoMJAjCC6Ux0B4_x0sQUBa3JcOcG-2CTMtz7Jb6zNJML4WuA/viewform - then return here and enter 000, and you can just put na (to save time) in any fields that you just finished filling out on the membership form. We'll compile both submissions manually.
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PS - Because you can re-attempt assessments within your testing window, the only way to 'fail' a qualification level is to run out of time. This can be automatically measured from your start date and as such won't need a submission. You'll be asked to submit actual dates in the next section depending on your answer.
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