Unmukt Green Talks
Unmukt Green Talks aim to connect audiences with changemakers who share their ideas for small changes in our daily lives that we could implement in order to decrease our carbon footprints.

Winter is the best season to grow vegetables. In this session, we're going to discuss all about winter vegetables which we can grow in the urban space. To make this discussion more fruitful, please share ONE QUESTION which you would like to ask the Speaker.

Meet details:

Date: 06 December 2020, Sunday
Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Meeting Link: It will be e-mailed or WhatsApp-ed to you after registration
Language: Hindi/English
Speaker: Mrs. Poornima Savargaonkar and Mr. Maheswar Khillar

About the Speakers:

Mrs. Poornima Savargaonkar is an ex-ISRO scientist and Founder Director of Enriched Soil and Soul Pvt. Ltd. Winner of "Innovative Farmer Award" by ICAR, gardening is Poornima's full-time hobby. A staunch believer in ecological ways of life, she has her own urban roof-top farm, employing the 3Rs principle. She conducts workshops to help treat waste at source, to teach sustainable organic urban gardening and rooftop farming. "Grow what you eat and eat what you grow" she tells us.

Mr. Maheswar Khillar is a retired OAS officer and the Managing Trustee of Kitchen Gardener's Association. He has been a practitioner of organic rooftop kitchen garden for the past three decades. His love for different plants and insistence on consuming homegrown vegetables is what compelled Mr. Khillar to come up with a rooftop garden in his house. A consultant of organic kitchen gardening, he promotes this concept and encourages everyone to adopt it.
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