Raisbeck Aviation High School Sci-Oly 2020
Raisbeck Aviation High School Science Olympiad team is pleased to host a B-division (middle school) invitational tournament on Saturday, 15 February 2020.

• The registration is $75 / team.
• Registration is limited to 22 teams total.
o To accommodate a range of schools, a maximum three teams per school may register before 6 January.
o After 6 January and if there is space available, any additional teams from a single school may register.
• Each team is expected to prepare for and supervise one event.
• Due to space constraints, we will not run Elastic Launch Glider.
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Events you or your designee would be willing to supervise - Please select (# of teams you're bringing +3) or more events . # of events assigned will equal # of teams. *
Anatomy and Physiology
Disease Detectives
Water Quality
Dynamic Planet
Reach for the Stars
Road Scholar
Circuit Lab
Crime Busters
Density Lab
Food Science
Mission Possible
Mousetrap Vehicle
Experimental Design
Game On
Ping-Pong Parachute
Write It Do It
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