Personalised Storybook - Baby Books
First Name of Child *
e.g. Abigail
Middle Name of Child (if any)
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e.g. Lee
Hometown *
e.g. Jurong West, Singapore
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e.g. Abi (pet name will be used throughout the story)
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e.g. 50cm
Baby's weight *
e.g. 2.63kg
Name of Doctor *
e.g. Dr K C Chan
Name of Hospital *
e.g. Mt Elizabeth Hospital
Name of Father *
e.g. Isaac Lee
Name of Mother *
e.g. Angela Tan
From *
e.g. Mom and Dad or Uncle Bob
Dedication message at the beginning of the book *
e.g. You are our most precious child
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e.g. Grandpa, Grandma and Aunty Sharon
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e.g. 14 April 2014
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