Williams Ranch School Parent Survey 2019
Welcome to the 2019 Parent Survey for Williams Ranch
Please complete the following survey which will provide feedback to our schools on what we are doing well and areas in which we can improve. You may complete one survey per household, or one per student enrolled in our district.
Choose the grade levels of your children who attend our school.
Child One
Child Two
Child Three
Child Four
Child Five
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
My child has access to standards aligned textbooks and instructional materials (including resources). *
This is a school with high academic standards for all students. *
My child is getting a quality education in: *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
English Language Arts
History/Social Studies
Physical Education
My child is being challenged at or above the level of his/her abilities. *
My child has a typical amount of homework. *
The school prepares students with skills and study habits needed to succeed in the next grade level. *
Teachers effectively communicate grade level expectations. *
My child's grades reflect what he/she has learned (not behavior or other non-academic factors). *
Parents are informed about their child's academic progress. *
The most important skills needed for my child's future success are: *
Very Important
Not important
Reading/ Writing
Critical Thinking
Effective Communucation
Anger Management
Time Management
Access to technology is an important aspect of my child's education. *
My child has access to technology that will prepare them for the world of work and beyond. *
I am greeted warmly, courteously, and feel welcomed at my child's school when I visit. *
Parents are valued as partners in their child's education. *
Activities for parents are offered at a variety of times and places that are convenient for parents. *
Parents are invited and encouraged to visit the school, volunteer in classrooms, or serve on committees such as School Site Council and Parent-Teacher Organization at Williams Ranch. *
The principal and/or support staff are responsive when I have comments, questions, or concerns. *
My child feels supported by staff while at school. *
The school newsletter and school messenger phone call system provide sufficient information about school activities and events. *
I prefer to receive information from the school via Email. *
Prefer the least
Prefer the most
I prefer to receive information from the school via text. *
Prefer the least
Prefer the most
I prefer to receive information from the school via School Messenger (phone call). *
Prefer the least
Prefer the most
I prefer to receive information from the school via newsletter. *
Prefer the least
Prefer the most
I prefer to receive information from the school via social media. *
Prefer the least
Prefer the most
I use the school website to obtain general information about the school. *
Prefer the least
Prefer the most
In order to have the school website become the first resource for information, what improvements can we make so families and the community better utilize this platform. *
Your answer
Parents know where to go when they have concerns or questions. *
My child feels safe at this school in the following areas: *
Very safe
Somewhat safe
Not safe
In the classroom
At recess
In the multi-purpose room
On the bus
What questions do you have about school safety?
Your answer
Discipline is handled appropriately. *
The expectations for student behavior are thoroughly communicated and enforced. *
My child enjoys being at school. *
The school campus is a clean and safe environment that supports learning. *
Classrooms are clean and safe environments that support learning. *
The school presents an attractive and neat appearance. *
I am proud of this school. *
Taking everything into consideration, please rate our school. *
The best thing about my child's school is:
Your answer
Improvements needed in our school are:
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Other comments...
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