Saskatoon Circle Food Preference Survey
This survey is not required for Registration, but we greatly appreciate it! Help us help you eat good food at Saskatoon!
Meat or Vegetarian Option? FYI we do our best to serve wild, local, healthy meat and attempt to serve local organic veggies as much as possible based on our growing season
To Gluten or Not to Gluten?
Here are my feelings on dairy:
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Plant Family Restrictions
I would pay $5-7 a day for lunch if that was an option at Saskatoon Circle
We would like to encourage more of a donation based kitchen... Would you be willing and able to bring a donation from your garden, farm, local wild foods or other specialty to contribute?
If yes, What sort of donation might you bring?
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Here is a place for input on food preferences, serious food restrictions, or anything else to do with the kitchen. Thanks!
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