Ecosystems Placement Quiz
This is a short exam designed to help me assess your background knowledge so that I can determine if you are ready for Ecosystems of the World or if you should take Intro to Planet Earth first.
NOTE: I will be checking the responses every day. If you do not hear back within 24 hours, please email me directly at
True or False: The atmosphere is densest at the earth's surface and becomes thinner as you increase in altitude. *
The three parts of the water cycle are: *
Wind is caused by difference(s) in *
True or False: Ocean currents are driven by wind and thermal vents. *
The main difference between tornadoes and hurricanes is that *
Which of the following statements is correct? *
The two greatest drivers of erosion are
Every earth process requires ______ to occur. *
The presence of life on earth has *
Earth's climate can be changed by *
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of life? *
True or False: Chromosomes are tightly-packed bundles of DNA. *
Which of the following provides the cell with energy? *
The ________ system is responsible for ____________ *
How does soil fertility affect ecosystem diversity? *
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Natural history is... *
Dumb Kids Playing Catch On Freeways Get Squashed is a mnemonic for: *
The theory of evolution by natural selection is based on which principle? *
The alpha of a group of animals is the... *
Which of the following represents a parasitic relationship? *
When you climb a mountain, you see different plants at different heights. This is because of... *
Where did humans evolve and what biome exists there? *
Interaction between a biotic community and its abiotic environment creates a(n)... *
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This is so I can let you know whether you placed into Ecosystems of the World, or if you should take Intro to Planet Earth and/or Meet the Biosphere first.
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