IREN Africa Resource Bank Forum                   Theme: Re-imagining Jobs and Skills in the Digitalization Era in Africa
The labour market is living through a fundamental transformation. Automation and ‘thinking machines’ are replacing human tasks and jobs, and changing the skills that organisations are looking for in their people. Many organizations are migrating to hybrid workforce models, challenging leadership and management teams in where, when and how work gets done. The Gig Economy is projected to account for 35-40% of the workforce by 2025. ‘Talent’ no longer holds the meaning it held ten years ago. The percentage of industries struggling to find staff with the necessary skills is steadily increasing as the roles, skills and job titles of tomorrow change. These ongoing changes raise huge organisational, talent and HR challenges – at a time when business leaders are already reeling with unprecedented risks and disruptions generated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is need for Africa’s bulging workforce to be appraised of the prevailing changes if productivity will be realized.  Can Industry Captains unpack the implication of these realities to the labour market? What type of skills are needed for the changing labour market?

Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) will this November host its virtual annual IREN Africa Resource Forum (ARB) forum on 25th November, 2020 on the theme: Re-imagining Jobs and Skills in the Digitalization Era in Africa.

Forum objectives

• To determine the current skills gaps in the labor market
• To identify skills needs that will develop responsiveness to the changing labour market
• To reflect on the role of industry and academia in plugging the existing and future skills gaps
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