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Kindly accomplish this form with the necessary information in order to pre-register for the competitions of Tagisan 34. Rest assured that the personal details to be collected will only be used for registration purposes.

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The registration fee is Php 170.00 each for walk-in participants and Php 150.00 for pre-registered participants. The same rate applies for participants of the quiz show and debate contests (Php 510.00/Php 450.00 for a team of 3 students). Also, there will be a registration fee of Php 200.00 per entry to the Short Film Making Contest. For non-contestants (i.e. coaches, guardians and observers), the registration fee will be Php 150.00 each for walk-ins and Php 100.00 for pre-registered non-contestants. Below are the bank account details where your payment may be deposited.

š—•š—”š—”š—ž š—¢š—™ š—§š—›š—˜ š—£š—›š—œš—Ÿš—œš—£š—£š—œš—”š—˜ š—œš—¦š—Ÿš—”š—”š——š—¦
š—”š—°š—°š—¼š˜‚š—»š˜ š—”š—®š—ŗš—²: š—–š—µš—暝—¶š˜€š˜š—¶š—»š—² š—¦š—µš—¶š—暝—¹ š—¦š—®š—¹š—®š—ŗš—®š˜
š—”š—°š—°š—¼š˜‚š—»š˜ š—”š˜‚š—ŗš—Æš—²š—æ: šŸ“šŸ“šŸ±šŸµ šŸ®šŸ®šŸ³šŸ° šŸÆšŸ­

š—•š——š—¢ š—Øš—”š—œš—•š—”š—”š—ž, š—œš—”š—–.
š—”š—°š—°š—¼š˜‚š—»š˜ š—”š—®š—ŗš—²: š—˜š—¹š—¼š—¶š˜€š—® š— š—®š—² š—¢š—Æš—ŗš—¶š—»š—®
š—”š—°š—°š—¼š˜‚š—»š˜ š—”š˜‚š—ŗš—Æš—²š—æ: šŸ­šŸ“šŸ®šŸ¬ šŸ³šŸ³šŸ“šŸÆ šŸ²šŸ­

At least 50% of the total payable registration fee by the school should be deposited until DECEMBER 6. Note that only those schools who opted to deposit their payments partially or in full before the said date will be the only ones eligible for the pre-registering discount. For problems encountered in the payment process, please contact Beatriz Andrea Garcia through (+63) 908 881 9471 and/or Roivic Land Mendez through (+63) 946 908 9002. You are also advised to like and follow our Facebook pages: fb.com/upkalilayan and fb.com/TagisanUPKalilayan for further updates.
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