Stand With Us
Over the last few weeks, people from every walk of life have stepped forward and created a broad public dialogue about what we’ve always known in our own workplaces: inappropriate, sexually harassing behavior and assault are pervasive. And sexually harassing behavior, manipulation and coercion cut across all industries and professions.
As women serving and working in the legislative and political realm, we add our voices to the chorus of “enough.” We stand together to change a culture that, until now, has too often functioned to serve and support harassers’ power and privilege over protection of those who work with them. 
At some point in our lives, every one of us has experienced, witnessed, and counseled others through unwanted advances or a range of dehumanizing behavior – from innuendo to groping, from inappropriate comments and jokes to unwanted touching and assault.  
Our political world is one of explicit and implicit power differentials. We have no clear hierarchy like a more traditional workplace. We have no safe, neutral place to report our experiences. And there are currently few possibilities for meaningful consequences for inappropriate behavior. For some of us, speaking out about harassment means choosing between our personal safety and our professional futures or policy successes. We know that countless times, women have calculated the risk, remembered what happened to other women who spoke up and seen the lack of meaningful pathways for change. And too often, the safe choice has been to “deal with” these situations ourselves.
The state legislature should be leading the way. We say we have a zero-tolerance policy. That needs to be real.  Today, we challenge the leadership and members of both chambers and both parties to lead the way in our state by working together with us to change the culture from one which silently supports and perpetuates harassment to one which supports and preserves safety. We must all make a tangible commitment to end sexual harassment in all its forms in Olympia.    Let’s make sure legislators, staff and lobbyists understand what sexual harassment is and how the inherent power disparities impact all of us. We need to make clear that we are all expected to intervene and stop harassment and coercive behavior. We must build a safe process for legislators, staff and lobbyists to report and relate our experiences, and create a range of meaningful consequences when lines are crossed.
Today, we stand together and commit: you can come to us if you are in a position of risk. We will help. We will work to protect you. And we will continue to call on leadership to create and use both structures and individual influence to change this culture.  
Now is the time. Stand with us.

Randi Abrams-Caras
Kelly Adams
Ella Andrews
Senator Jan Angel
Representative Sherry Appleton
Danni Askini
Senator Barbara Bailey
Jessica Bateman
Kelsey Beck
Senator Randi Becker
Rachel Berkson
Liz Berry
Cara Bilodeau
Simone Boe
Becky Bogard
Holly Bosch Chisa
Marcy Bowers
Brynn Brady
Christine Brewer
Hannah Britt
Senator Sharon Brown
Katy Buck
Betty Buckley
Carolyn Busch
Representative Michelle Caldier
Samantha Casne
Senator Maralyn Chase
Sarah Cherin
Donna Christensen
Janet Chung
Senator Annette Cleveland
Representative Judy Clibborn
Representative Eileen Cody
Pam Crone
Faride Cuevas
Adair Dammann
Ellicott Dandy
Senator Jeannie Darneille
Osta Davis
Olgy Diaz
Lynne Dodson
Representative Beth Doglio
Representative Laurie Dolan
Alison Eisinger
Liz Elwart
Josie Ellison
Leslie Emerick
Robin Engle
Stephanie Ervin
Ame Esterline
Jen Estroff
Annie Fadely
Cynthia Foley
Sydney Forrester
Jessica Fortescue
Jessica Frahs
Jessyn Farrell
Representative Noel Frame
Peggen Frank
Katie Garrow
Naomi Goodman
Julia Gorton
Elissa Goss
Lindsey Grad
Samantha Grad
Nicole Grant
Lori Grassi
Representative Mia Gregerson
Alia Griffing
Joanna Grist
Chelsea Hager
Erin Haick
Ryan Hall
Diane Hand McDaniel
Tiffany Hankins
Monisha Harrell
Kathryn Hedrick
Kristina Hermach
Lauren Hipp
Rebecca Hodson Hellman
Renee Hopkins
Elka Peterson Horner
Maggie Humphreys
Maha Jahshan
Shweta Jayawardhan
Sara Jaynes
Representative Laurie Jinkins
Lonnie Johns-Brown
Melissa Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
Hanna Jones
Representative Ruth Kagi
Negheen Kamkar
Senator Karen Keiser
Aisling Kerins
Samantha Kersul
Representative Christine Kilduff
Representative Shelley Kloba
King Cty. Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Katie Kolan
Representative Vicky Kraft
Senator Patty Kuderer
Claire Lane
Tara Lee
Maria Leininger
Jean Leonar
Hannah Lidman
Mindi Lindquist
Beth Lindsay
Laurie Lippold
Lydia Lippold-Gelb
Kristina Logsdon
Randy Loomans
Caitlin Lopez
Representative Kristine Lytton
Mara Machulsky
Eden Mack
Treasure Mackley
Alice MacLean
Lisa MacLean
Representative Nicole Macri
Siobhan Mahorter
Kelly Maloney
Mellani McAleenan
Representative Joan McBride
Tiffany McGuyer
Raven McShane
Mina Mercer
Heather Moore
Carey Morris
Teresa Mosqueda
Jennifer Muhm
Debora Munguia
Emily Murphy
Briahna Murray
Sharon Ness
Tracy Newman
Darcy Nonemacher
Courtney Normand
Representative Tina Orwall
Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self
Casey Osborn-Hinman
Katy Ozog
Emily Parzybok
Max Patashnik
Marilyn Pedersen
Stacy Pederson
Allison Pence
Tina Podlodowski
Tracy Prezeau
Krystelle Purkey
Jessica Puckett
Gabriela Quintana
Renee Radcliff Sinclair
Wendy Rader-Konofalski
Representative Kristine Reeves
Lisa Rennie
Senator Ann Rivers
Elaine Rose
Representative June Robinson
Senator Christine Rolfes
Majken Ryherd
Ann Daley Ryherd
Representative Cindy Ryu
Senator Rebecca Saldaña
Julie Salvi
Carol Anne Sanders
Nancy Sapiro
Paula Sardinas
Aiko Schaefer
Tricia Schroeder
Erin Schultz
Patty Seib
Representative Tana Senn
Emma Shepard
Senator Shelly Short
April Sims
Representative Vandana Slatter
Courtney Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Jaime Smith
Melanie Smith
Melanie J. Smith
Representative Melanie Stambaugh
Melanie Stewart
Gail Stone
Representative Monica Stonier
McKinzie Strait
Mary Strow
Emily Stumpf
Cheryl Swab
Representative Gael Tarleton
Carrie Tellefson
Adrienne Thompson
Terry Tilton
Lani Todd
Teresita Torres
Yasmin Trudeau
Emma Tupper
Jessie Turner
Amber Ulvenes
Janet Varon
Heather Villanueva
Dawn Vyvyan
Jane Wll
Senator Maureen Walsh
Sara Wamsley
Senator Judy Warnick
Carole Washburn
Halei Watkins
Marilyn Watkins
Jasmin Weaver
Bre Weider
Angie Weiss
Senator Lisa Wellman
Misha Werschkul
Kate White Tudor
Kelly Wicker
Emily Wicks
Brenda Wiest
Senator Lynda Wilson
Lily Wilson-Codega
Christina Wong
Representative Sharon Wylie
Anita Yandle
Lucinda Young
Lara Zarowsky
Jennifer Ziegler
Jerri Zimmerman Wood

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