MUCH Emergency Relief Funding
In order to apply for this funding, the following criteria must be met or it will not be considered:

1) The request must be made by a non-profit organization
2) The request must benefit food insecure children and families
3) The request must benefit children of need in Cheshire County, New Hampshire
Organization Name and Address *
Organization Contact Name *
Organization Email *
Organization Phone Number *
Maximum allocation request for the calendar year is $2,500.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ann Henderson,
Will funds help children with financial needs? Please explain how. *
How will the funding be used? Please include objectives and who will benefit from this program. *
Does this program in any way duplicate those services of another organization? If yes, please explain. *
Has your organization applied for additional funding from elsewhere? For how much? *
If applicable, what is the cost per child for this program? *
How many children and their families will these funds serve? *
Is your organization a 501(c)3, or a program run by an educational institution? *
What amount are you looking to request from MUCH (up to $2,500)? *
In 50 words or less, please describe the objective of this program and who it will benefit. Please be specific. *
In 25 words or less please describe the the entity making the request, including its mission. *
Please take a brief moment to let us know how you found out about the MUCH Emergency Relief Funding. *
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