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Thank you for your interest in membership of the Global Collective, an international alliance of premium workspace operators who share common values and a passion for thoughtful design, upscale amenities, and curated programming.

1. Members receive access to network workspaces (2-days per month)
2. Event programming knowledge base
3. Operations best practices
4. Vendor resources and technology
5. Aggregate communications
6. Marketing channels: web and social media
7. Referral program
8. Trade community

Please submit the following application for review by the Global Collective Founding Members (GCFM). All sections must be completed in full for consideration. Admittance of new members to the Global Collective is at the full discretion of the GCFM. Successful applicants will be notified within 60-days from submission of their application.

An initiation fee of $200.00 will be required for successful applicants. All Members will be subject to an annual renewal review by GCFM.

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