#73 - WED - Student Attendance, 01/13/21
Note: Daily Attendance will be shutdown after 9:59 am each day. If you do not do your attendance by that time you will be marked "absent" for the day.
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OTHER STUDENTS PHONE NUMBERS - We're trying to see how students are connected to each other - Do you have any other student's phone number? List ALL students of whom you have their number (write "none" if that is the case). *
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(OPTIONAL) Describe challenges or questions you have. You may also describe some positive things that are going on with you right now. Thanks!
Have you logged onto SKEDULA yet? That's how you can check your grades. *
ATTENDANCE: Will you be in "attendance" today? NOTE, if you are learning from home "attendance" means following your schedule from "The Main Page," logging onto each of your Google Classroom feeds, reaching out for help, checking my "@nycstudents.net" student email for info, attending video meetings w/my class (if applicable), etc.? *
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