Corporate Booth Application
Applications are due by January 17th, 2020 and the order will be chosen by a randomizer.
Professionalism is a priority at Corporate Cookie Booths. Please remember that you will be representing GSGLA. Your troop is financially responsible for the inventory that you sell at your Corporate Cookie Booth.
Corporate Booths are allowed for Cadettes and above. However, they are NOT available to first year troops of any level.
If selected for a Corporate Booth, your troop agrees to the following conditions:
1. Girls must be in Girl Scout uniforms with vests or sashes, or in business-like attire. Girls must not wear jeans or T-shirts. Adults must also be in Girl Scout uniforms or business attire. *
2. Eating and smoking are prohibited at all booth programs. Any water containers should be out of sight of customers. *
3. Girls may not go anywhere in the building without an adult accompanying them. *
4. Two adults must be at every booth program. *
5. Each troop should bring three to five girls. *
6. Troops must be ON TIME; please arrive shortly before the booth time so you can set up. *
7. If you took advantage of cookies on consignment and you do not wish to keep the unsold cookies, you MUST return them to your local cupboard within the designated time frame indicated on your form at time of (cookie) pick up. *
8. Once assigned to a corporate booth, please refer to your Corporate Booth form for further information. *
Troop Info.
Troop number *
Service Unit *
Troop level- Select all that apply *
Grades- Select all that apply *
Troop Leader/Cookie Chair *
Phone (cell) *
Address *
email *
Our troop uniforms are: *
Please select all of the dates and times your troop is available for a corporate booth *
The above dates will more than likely be used for corporate booths. However, other opportunities may arise. The majority of Corporate buildings prefer to host during the lunch time slots. Please know that it is the parent and troop's responsibility to make this decision and to make arrangements with the school.
Sporting Events *
Sporting events (as well as other corporate opportunities) often become available on short notice and will be offered to the next troop in line, as determined by the original randomizer.
Thank you for your response!
Have a connection to a corporate building? If you can help us get approval for the building as a corporate booth site, your troop will automatically be placed there this year. Starting next year, the building will go into the regular corporate booth pool. Please contact Noeleen at or 626-677-2285.
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