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Local and field volunteers are crucial to the success of LAFF as they work with our beneficiaries in Cusco and surrounding areas. Both long-term and short-term positions are available and successful candidates should:

- be able to work independently and be comfortable maintaining consistent communication
- be comfortable speaking English and/or Spanish according to the specifications of each role
- have high levels of integrity, honesty, and responsibility
- have a passion for social good and previous volunteer experience
- have strong interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our volunteer team. By completing this application form you will be one step closer to making a positive impact within our partnering Peruvian communities. If you have identified an area where you can help within our list of current needs, please complete this application form. If you are a good fit for LAFF, we will contact you to arrange a Skype interview.
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Your Supporting Statement. Please read the job description and person specification fully before answering the 3 questions below. Kindly explain (questions 1, 2 & 3) how you meet the criteria which is listed on the responsibilities, requirements and personal qualities of the job description, ensuring that you give evidence and examples of how your skills, knowledge and experience meet the short-listing requirements. This should not take up more than one typed A4 page. If you are invited for an interview you will have the chance to expand on the detail you give here, tell us more about yourself and your skills and also ask us some questions.
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1) Please tell us about any relevant skills you gained from your previous work (voluntary or paid) *
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