AMS Back to School Survey
This form is for families of students that will attend AMS for the 2020-2021 school year. Please complete this form even if you previously completed the SCSD1 survey. We would appreciate information and input from families as we begin to plan for the new school year. No decisions have been made. This survey is intended to help in this early planning stage. If you have multiple students from the same household that attend AMS please complete a separate survey for each student. Thank you for your time. We appreciate you! If you have any questions please contact
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*What are our current COVID guidelines? To comply with guidelines set forth by the health department, under the traditional school model, AMS students would attend classes on campus. With the exception of elective classes like band, choir, art, and P.E., students would remain in the same classroom and teachers would rotate from room to room. Classrooms would be arranged to comply with social distancing guidelines, and students would not be required to wear a mask while they are in the classroom. However, they would be required to wear a mask on the school bus, when moving throughout the building, and anytime six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained. Masks would be provided to any student who does not bring their own from home. Please note these are our current guidelines and are subject to change based on updates from the health department. Additionally, e-learning will be an option for any family who does not want their student(s) to attend school on campus with these guidelines in place.
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