Coinbase Wallet DApp Registration
This form collects the metadata required to feature a dapp on the Coinbase Wallet iOS and Android clients. You will also need to confirm you've fulfilled the requirements to get listed.

If you have questions about how to make your dapp fully compatible with Wallet, check out our FAQ!

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Registration Requirements
Step 1: Place one of the images below in your DApp's mobile onboarding flow for non Web 3 browsers, with a link to the appropriate app store
Coinbase Wallet Buttons:
Example Onboarding Flows (will be updated with CB Wallet samples soon)
Where in your DApp's flow is the link available? *
Provide directions (e.g. appears only on mobile when user clicks "Play"), or a URL
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Step 2: Test your DApp thoroughly on Coinbase Wallet to ensure it works as intended and doesn't have any bugs
We only list DApps available on the Ethereum Mainnet. Please make sure you've tested on Mainnet and not just on one of the testnets.

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