This form is an application for a project that will give you your break in advertising. This is how it works. You’ll work with us for 7 weeks from 18th February through to 5th April on a project for one of the biggest brands in the world. You’ll be paid London Living Wage.
And when those 7 weeks are over, you’ll join one of our agency partners on placement. These placements last for 3 months, and are also paid at London Living Wage.
All in all, you’ll spend minimum 5 months thinking creatively and getting paid for it. And by the end of it, you’ll have an amazing new career.

A bit about the form…
This application form is like no other you will have ever seen. It is designed specifically so that you have the opportunity to showcase your creativity, your talents and your individuality. We are not interested in normal. We don’t want you to play it safe. The best answers for this application form are the ones that we’ve never seen before, the ones that make us laugh and the ones that make us think.
We want to experience your creativity rather than just read about it. If you’re an aspiring illustrator and you’d like to answer the question with an image – you can do that! Want to create a video that shows your point of view? Upload it to somewhere and give us the link. If the question asks you to edit an ad go ahead and have a go! It might not be your strongest area but at the end of the day we’re looking for aspiring creative minds not super star video editors. Any opportunity you spot to show off your brilliant skills, whatever they may be, you should absolutely take it!
Opportunities like this are few and far between in this industry. You should throw every ounce of creativity in your body at this application form – we want to know what makes you different.
One more thing... good luck
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