Merigar East Camping Extension - Episode 2

Dear friend,

We invite you to this wonderful occasion to contribute, practice and enjoy together in the place where all elements are working in perfect harmony, Merigar East, Romania.

In 2017 our team was formed by practitioners from 5 different countries and we had a very good time and felt satisfied with the work done. Have a look!

This year we hope you can join us! We finished the wooden structure for the new camping kitchen, which is now much more spacious and offers the possibility to relax and enjoy during the hot summer days. Now we want to finish our camping extension plan so it will be ready for all the practitioners who will want to put their tents during Rinpoche's retreat in July!

We will be working on:
- finishing the new kitchen
- finishing the eco-toilets
- constructing the showers
- building more shading areas

Our team will be coordinated by Lubo from Slovakia and we will learn many things from each other, we will be gaining new skills and enjoying our work and practice together.

Every morning we will be doing Sang and in the evening Ganapuja.

GPS 43.911195, 28.612475000000018

by car from Bucharest

For flight details and othe options:

The Gar will be offering food and accommodation for all the brave ones coming to help! If it is necessary, part of the travelling costs can be covered as well.

For more details, contact Alexandru Anton:
+40 727 958 853;

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