Dearest Wildling,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at Wilderness 2020. Volunteering with us is a great opportunity to get an insight into what it is like to work on a festival, meet new people, learn new skills and have fun. Before you apply there are a couple of things we need to mention:

* You must be 18 years or over by 29th July 2020.
* You will need to be available to work between Wednesday 29th July - Monday 3rd August (at least).
* You will be required to work a maximum of 3 x 8 OR 4 x 6 hour shifts (or equivalent).
* You will be required to pay a deposit of £150 via PayPal that will be refunded upon completion of all your shifts.
* You will be provided with 1 meal per shift. There are also plenty of food stalls available with food for as little as £4.50 and you are more than welcome to bring your own food.
* If you do not have a UK National Insurance number, you must have a visa/work permit evidencing your right to work in the UK.
* You will need to bring your own tent / camping equipment to stay in.
* We aim to get back to all applicants by Friday July 3rd 2020.

We really look forward to having you,

Wilderness HQ x
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Please let us know what areas you are most interested in working in at the festival. We cannot guarantee everyone will get their first choice but, where possible, we will use it as a guide in allocating you.
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If you do not have a UK National Insurance Number please answer 'N/A' below and email a copy of a visa/work permit evidencing your right to work in the UK to info@wildernessfestival.com with the title 'Volunteer Work Visa'
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Shift Mates
We try our best to pair friends up so you can work together but we can't guarantee it. If you have anyone you'd like to work with please write their name below and we'll do our best to pair you in shifts.
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