Comparison of Laser/IPL & Electrolysis Hair Removal for Trans Women.
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Who are we?.....
This survey is being carried out by The South East Gender Initiative (SEGI) / Medway Gender and Sexual Diversity Centre (MGSD), who are a constituted Not For Profit Community Group based in Rochester, Medway, Kent.

What we are doing....
This survey is intended to gather information with regards to the type and amount of treatment required to obtain satisfactory hair removal for MtF transgender people. The information gathered will be based on the individual’s personal assessment of the treatment they have received.

The survey should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete. But we would ask that you provide as much detail as possible to help build the evidence on the effectiveness of each type of treatment.

We will not be collecting any details that can identify participants and ensure absolute confidentiality of individual responses to the survey. We will need to ask questions about ethnicity, age and hair colour as this is important in assessing the results of the treatment.

Results of the survey, once completed, will be posted by the MGSD Centre on their website, For further information please contact
Please provide the following details that were correct at the start of your hair removal treatment *
This information is important as these variables will have affected the type of treatment and the outcome.
Please select the appropriate skin type *
Select skin type as per the Fitzpatrick scale as shown in the information on the website
Your Natural Hair Colour *
Please select most appropriate
At the start of your treatment were you:
You do not need to provide this information but it would be useful to know when analysing the data as it would affect your hair growth. Please select all appropriate boxes.
Type of Hair Removal Treatment *
Please select the treatment type. If you have had both Laser and IPL select Light Based Treatment. Only select both if you have used Light Based and Electrolysis Treatment.
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