RCD Capabilities Model 2022 Community Dataset Submission Form
This request form confirms that you have completed your Research Computing and Data (RCD) Capabilities Model Assessment, and confirms that you agree to contribute your assessment to the 2022 Community Dataset.

When you contribute the data in your assessment to the Community Dataset, it will be added anonymously (with the institution name stripped) and the data will only be used in aggregate, and/or grouped by demographic category (state, Carnegie classification, etc.), and only when a given group has at least five different institutions contributing data.

Only those institutions that contribute assessment data to the Community Dataset will have access to the aggregated dataset (and to individualized benchmarking reports, etc.).

We request your contact info so we can follow up if there are any questions. You should be one of the editors on the assessment (so we can verify that you represent your institutional assessment team).

Please enter the email address you use to sign in to Google to edit the assessment spreadsheet.

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Your Assessment Spreadsheet (URL) *
Please cut and paste the URL for your Institution's RCD CM Assessment spreadsheet. Note that we can only accept data that is in the Google Sheets version of the RCD CM assessment tool. If you used an offline copy, you can either copy the answers into your GSheets version, or contact the working group for help at capsmodel-help@carcc.org.
Do you agree to contribute your Assessment data to the Community Dataset? *
Note that data will only be used anonymously and in aggregate. Note also that you must contribute your assessment data to get access to the detailed report, the Community Dataset, and your individualized benchmarking report.
When we list the contributing institutions (to the  RCD Capabilities Model Community Dataset), do you grant permission for your institution to be listed? *
Lots of folks in the community have asked to know who the other contributors are to the RCD Capabilities Model Community Dataset. We're asking each of the contributing institutions to approve including your institution's name in the list of contributors, or decline to be listed.

Note: this will NOT change the sharing of your institutional data - that remains anonymous and only used in aggregate.
About how many labor hours went into completing the assessment at your institution? *
Please include meetings (hours X #attendees) as well as individuals' effort to complete the assessment.
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