Save United Family Medicine
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On behalf of our community and as neighbors or patients ourselves , we declare “no confidence” in the current leadership of United Family Medicine.

We call first for explanations. Ultimately, we believe the only long-term solution for serving our community’s needs involves the removal of the CEO and board chair, and the return of our doctors and the residency program . Unfortunately, given UFM’s structure as a self-perpetuating non-profit whose board is not elected, we see no mechanism for such positive change.

We are proud of how UFM, with the help of Allina’s United Family Medicine Residency Program, has become a thriving, vital institution to our region, serving more than 15,000 patients in 2019 (2,100 of them in a language other than English). UFM provides top-notch care to patients across our community, 43 percent of whom are below the Federal Poverty Rate and 51 percent of whom are people of color.

We ask for your support, feedback and your ideas at for how we can support a program that continues to serve St. Paul.

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