Castaways MC 2017 Run Form
Registration for the July event. Reservation for your attendance will not be made without at least a $50 reservation submitted (use paypal link on the run site).

One application per person, please!

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Choose Your registration Option Below:
Regular package or Cedar hills Resident Package or Saturday single day pass or Saturday night show only pass.
Regular Package (price depends on registration date)
Cedar Hills Resident Package (if you're already a resident or bringing an RV)
Saturday only Single-Day Pass
Saturday Night Show only Pass
Extra Options
There's a few additional run features you could opt-in to!
Arriving Thursday (instead of Friday)
Post-Run Extravaganza (Sunday noon-Monday noon)
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When you arrive at the run you will need to sign the legal disclaimer as follows:
By signing this application, you: I certify that I am at least 21 years of age by July 1, 2017 and that I will abide by all the rule of Milwaukee Castaways M.C. Run. I voluntarily release the Castaways M.C. of Milwaukee, it’s officers, members, guests, and all businesses participating in the Milwaukee Castaways M.C. Run from any liability for loss or injury to my person or personal property. I further agree to abide by any and all rule established for this event. The Milwaukee Castaways M.C. reserve the right to limit attendance to Cedar Hills Campground and refuse participation to individuals whose behavior is not acceptable by generally accepted stands of the Leather/Levi community. I understand that NO PETS, ILLEGAL DRUGS, or WEAPONS will be allowed at Milwaukee Castaways M.C. Run or any of it venues.
Don't forget to pay your run fees
After you submit this form, go back to the Castaways 2017 run page and use PayPal link to pay your run fees based on your selections above!
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