Parent Survey
I feel comfortable discussing my child’s progress with his/her teachers.
One more thing I'd like to share is:
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The school environment is caring and supportive.
I’ve seen students at my child’s school being physically hurt by other students more than once; for example, pushed, slapped, punched or beaten up. (Physical Safety)
In my child school, there are clear rules against physically hurting other people; for example, hitting, pushing or tripping. (Rules and Norms)
My child experiences valuable learning opportunities.
The principal keeps the school focused on academics.
The Superintendent is responsive and open to communication.
I feel comfortable communicating with the school / district administrators.
Students at my child’s school will try to stop students from insulting or making fun of other students. (Socio-emotional Security)
The school is a safe place for my child to learn and play.
I am well informed about what is happening in my child’s classroom and the school.
Administrators and teachers have high expectations for all students.
Parents / Guardians feel welcome at my child’s school. (School Connectedness)
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There are groups of students in the school who exclude others and make them feel bad for not being part of the group. (Socio-emotional Security)
Students in my child’s school respect each other’s differences; for example, gender, race, culture, disability, sexual orientation, learning differences etc. (Respect for Diversity)
The school celebrates student achievement and successes often.
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