Antai - Product validation
Firstly thanks for your time! It means a lot to us. You taking time off of your schedule in answering this questionnaire allows Antai to develop better quality services. It also helps analyse the needs of our clients - You! Thanks again and let us know if we can make your life easier!
Do you know who (Google,fb etc.) has what (pictures, files etc.) of your data? *
What is the level of your education? *
We live in the age of Big Data, agree or disagree? *
Which city/town in NL are you living at the moment? *
What is your "medium" or "device" that you use to connect to the internet?
What is your Age? *
If there is a software service that promises to protect your data, would you use it? Give your reason(s) for usage of such a service *
Imagine that you have a software service that protects your data. What are the features that you expect it to have? *
Imagine that you have a software service that protects your data. Would you pay for it? If Yes, how much (amount of money)?
Google knows exactly what you are upto at this very moment. Yes or no? *
What comes to mind if you hear the words: "Artificial Intelligence"? *
Do you use the internet on a daily basis? *
Do you think that your data is being misused? *
Are you aware of the term "supervised machine learning" ? *
Do you think that you have control of your data generation through the various devices that you use? *
Thank you!
Your valuable responses have been recorded. Thanks again for taking your time to answering these questions. Antai strives to know what its clients - You think, and aims to make their - your lives easier. More questions to follow XD jk
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