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By hitting the "Submit" button I acknowledge that the above information is provided for the purpose of applying for the beE competition and is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that UAH, I2C and related staff, advisers or parties retain sole decision whether this application is approved, disapproved or modified.

I understand that as a student participating in beE, any support I receive in the course of the mentoring relationship is solely for the purpose of guiding my student team in the field of enterprise. I understand this relationship is an educational resource to discuss issues confronted in building and scaling the idea proposed above.

I agree to hold harmless The University of Alabama in Huntsville, the University of Alabama System, The Trustees of the Alabama System, I2C, its’ staff, employees, agents, volunteers, officers and related boards from any and all claims, injury, cause of action whatsoever, whether previously, now or hereafter incurred, from any acts or omissions by these entities, as a result of my participation in beE. I agree that these offices assume no responsibility for the success or failure of the proposed idea. The role of these entities is educational and consultative in nature and any advice or information offered may or may not be used per my discretion.


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