State Championship- Team Levy Form
NOTE: A written request to include a second team in this Championship must be forwarded to the SQI Office no later than 3 months prior to the commencement of the Championship. The application must set out the circumstances of ability/inability and include evidence supporting the proposed team’s viability in the competition, i.e. details of players who would comprise the team; record of past achievements, etc.
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State Championship Dates and Venues
10th - 12th April - Under 14 Boys (Redcliffe)
10th - 12th April - Under 14 Girls (Maryborough)
3rd - 5th September - Open Men (Redlands)
18th - 20th September - Under 16 Girls (Brisbane, Downey Park)
18th - 20th September - Under 16 Boys (Mackay)
1st - 3rd October - Under 18 Women (Redcliffe)
1st - 3rd October - Under 18 Men (Ipswich)
15th - 17th October - Open Women (Caboolture)
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We will not be entering a team in this competition
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2 Teams
Open Men - Queensland Cup
Open Men - Open Championship & President's Cup
Under 16 Boys
Under 16 Girls
Under 14 Boys
Under 14 Girls
Under 18 Men
Under 18 Women
Open Women - Queensland Cup
Open Women - Open Championship & President's Cup
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