Diversity and Inclusion
ITAG Survey 2019
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3. What is your main hope or expectation of the ITAG Diversity and Inclusion Action Team? *
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4. How can we help you as participant of this survey with diversity and inclusion?
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5. How can we help your organization with diversity and inclusion efforts?
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6. How many employees are in your organization? *
7. Do you currently have Diversity and Inclusion related efforts in your organization? *
8. Do you consider your company an LGBTQ friendly environment? *
9. What type of Diversity and Inclusion support are you seeking? Check all that apply. *
10. Do you currently have separate efforts for recruiting veterans? *
11. How do you currently recruit candidates? Check all that apply. *
12. In your organization, are all employees responsible for an inclusive work environment? *
13. Does your organization provide anti-bullying and/or anti-harassment related training? *
14. Do you have diversity and inclusion resources that you can share? If YES- Please email dawnahankins@gmail.com with potential resources. *
15. Does your organization promote diversity and inclusion with all levels of employee? *
16. Does your organization support social or environmental initiatives? *
17. If you answered yes to the question above, please list the initiative? *
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18. Does your leadership team promote the importance of diversity and inclusion at all levels? *
19. Would you find it helpful to understand ways to help marginalized groups of people? (Marginalized: to put or keep someone in a powerless or unimportant position within a society or group.) *
20. Optional: Name, phone number, and organization name
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21. Would you like to be contacted directly to discuss diversity & inclusion efforts?
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