SCIRA Canada - Dues Registration Form
Membership Includes
Snipe Bulletin mailed to your address

Access to Fleet 877 Facebook group

Eligibility to skipper any registered Snipe in a SCIRA sanctioned race

** Boats must be registered and display a current decal to be sailed in a SCIRA sanctioned race

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Membership Prices
Regular Membership + Boat Decal $50

Regular membership $30

Extra Boat Decal $20

Junior Membership + Boat Decal $45

Junior Membership $25

Total Payment that I am sending *
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Payment Methods
*Please note that this is not a payment form. You need to make your payment separately, and your registration will not be complete until we receive payment.You have two methods to pay your SCIRA dues:

1. Mail your cheque to:
SCIRA Canada, 225 Liverpool Street, Guelph ON N1H 2L6
Payable to: SCIRA Canada

2. Send an email money transfer to:
As a security question use "What does the R stand for in SCIRA"

National Secretary: Julian Inglis

Fleet 877 Captain : Gord Richards

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