Legally Blonde Crew Application
Thank you for being interested in working on our 2019 musical Legally Blonde! We would love to have you become involved in this exciting production. It is a lot of time, but we have fun while working hard and it will become one of your most memorable high school experiences!

Please read below (sorry, I know it is a lot) to make sure you know what will be expected of you as a crew member. This is a large time commitment, so please look at your schedule ahead of time and make sure it is something that will work with your schedule.

To be considered for a crew for the musical when not in Ovation Tech classes, you will need to work after school in the shop or on Saturday work days for a combined minimum of 6 hours between September 30 and October 19. Most rehearsal days and all work days are times you can complete shop hours. See for a google calendar for dates and times. Email or speak to Mrs. McNary with questions or concerns. .

If you are only interested in working on the production of the show after school and NOT the performances, please email Mrs. McNary

Obligations for Crew Members:

---Sign a production contract with parent signatures. (print from website or go to H120 for a paper copy) deadline 10/9

---FIll out the Lewisville Theatre Charms Info (you will be directed to the website after you submit the application)

---Stay academically eligible throughout the process.

---$25 production fee to be paid by November 1 (deliver to payment box in H120 -checks to Lewisville Theatre Booster Club)

---All Tech Rehearsals (if you cannot make one or more of these you cannot be considered for the crew)
Sat. 11/9 9am- 5pm
Sun. 11/10 2pm- 7pm
Mon. 11/11 4pm-10pm
Tues. 11/12 4pm-10pm
Wed. 11/13 4pm-10pm
Thurs. 11/14 4pm-10pm

---All Performances (if you cannot make one of more of these you cannot be considered for the crew)
Fri. 11/15 5pm- clean up after performance (must stay until dismissal)
Sat. 11/16 5pm- clean up after performance (must stay until dismissal)
Sun. 11/17 noon- clean up after performance (must stay until dismissal)
Mon. 11/18 5pm- clean up after performance (must stay until dismissal)
Tuesday 11/19- Strike (taking down set and putting costumes/props away) 4-6 pm

If you feel like this is something you are up for, please complete the process below----

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I understand working the crew requires a production fee of $25 ( you will receive a show shirt and meals on long rehearsal days with the production fee) *
I understand that if chosen, I will need to be at all Tech Week rehearsals and performances of the musical. *
If you will have conflicts with the tech week (week before the show) or performances, please explain/list them.
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I understand that I need to work 6 hours between September 30 and October 19 to be considered for a crew position *
I know how to access the Legally Blonde google calendar on for all dates and updates, and I will check it and tell my parent/guardian about it. *
I will print or obtain a Production Contract before October 9 and turn it in to Mrs. McNary. *
I am interested in working: (please note that some of these areas require only one or two technicians and some experience in those areas is required to work a show this large) *
Write a short essay on why you would like to be a part of the musical crew this year. *
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