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Our Motto is “Free College Prep for All” is a nonprofit operating with a vision of making college preparatory services highly accessible and free of charge, worldwide. Due to financial barriers, these sources are not available to millions of students each year who cannot afford them - putting them at a great disadvantage. We seek to change the status quo through our highly scalable solution, and democratize these necessary resources for use to all.

We are reducing this barrier for students by creating and publishing free high-quality standardized test prep content from volunteers who have scored in the 95th+ percentiles on these exams, and are looking to expand on producing videos covering fundamental concepts (teacher-led) and college admission guidance (counselor-led). Also, we are in the works of offering free personalized tutoring, mentorship, scholarship database, and college admissions guidance for students through the use of AI/ML technologies. Our solution is highly scalable.

This is a pressure free opportunity to volunteer, work with others, build your network, and learn new things outside of a classroom setting. We are highly flexible and work with your schedule - however much time you want to put into this every week is up to you!

Please select your area of interest and your area of interest down below - we will be in contact with you shortly to discuss more details.


Content Creator
CollegePrep seeks to develop best practices for taking the ACT and SAT and share them online, free of charge, for use by high school students across and beyond the US. Your contribution could consist of videos of you walking through practice problems providing personal tips and insights along the way. Your contribution is all virtual and could be as short as a 10-minute video (roughly 10 problems)!

Here's an example from one of our contributors:

Even if you do not have the bandwidth to assist at this time, we encourage you to sign up. We can reach out to you at a later date that works better for you (winter break, etc).

Technical Volunteer
We're building a web-based platform to be a one-stop shop for college admissions success, ranging from an AI-based custom learning solution to a tutor-student exchange center. We are in search of technical volunteers with experience in any of the following:
- Javascript/CSS/HTML
- JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Angular, React)
- Object-oriented design
- Database management
- Machine Learning/Natural language processing
- Android/iOS

If you have experience in or are interested in gaining skills in any of the above, please fill out the form and we will work with you to find a good match! Also, we are very flexible and will work with your schedule.

Graphic Designer
We understand having a branding strategy will be critical to executing our marketing and digital efforts. We are looking for a graphical designer who can create a logo and other graphics, such as flyers and images for UI/UX products, in addition to providing UI/UX recommendation/advice for the technical and executive team. Commitments will be flexible.
Social Media Coordinator
We are in search of a social media guru who will lead CollegePrep's advertising/marketing initiatives on social media. Some responsibilities include publishing progress/event updates, creating engaging marketing materials and recruiting talented contributors - all while keeping our mission message consistent. We are looking for someone creative, savvy with public relations and has outstanding communication and interpersonal skills with a deep grasp of social media trends and user base preferences. Commitments will be flexible.

Also, feel free to share this form among others that may be interested in this opportunity (

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