Bicentennial Schools of Excellence Final Report
Three schools from each of Alabama’s seven Congressional districts will be chosen as Bicentennial Schools of Excellence. This Final Report will be used during the judging process. The 21 Bicentennial Schools of Excellence will be recognized during the celebration of Alabama’s bicentennial on December 14, 2019 in Montgomery, Alabama.
Name *
Name of School and Address *
Project Summary *
Include a brief description of your project, including the original goals of the project, outcomes, and plans for sustainability.
Community Input and Involvement *
Report on demographic and/or academic data for your area. Your final report includes evidence of community involvement.
Statement of Purpose *
Describe why the project is important to your school and community and how the project will impact your school and community now and into the future.
Indicators of Success *
Include three to five indicators of success. Possible indicators include: parental involvement numbers, documented partnerships, student assessments, etc.
Timeline *
In a bulleted list, give a monthly timeline of the steps taken between August 2018 and August 2019 towards making your project a success.
Resources Required *
Tell us about the people, partnerships, equipment, training, materials, supplies, and services that your project will require.
Line-Item Budget *
Provide an itemized list of all costs and the total cost of your project.
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