Malwanchal University, Indore, M.P. (मालवांचल विश्वविद्यालय, इंदोर, म॰प्र॰)
Index Group of Institutions (इंडेक्स ग्रुप ऑफ इंस्टिट्यूशंस)
Index City, Nemawar Road, NH-59A, Indore - 452016 (Madhya Pradesh)
This questionnaire has been designed by Malwanchal University to seek your feedback of satisfaction level to improve the quality of teaching-learning environment. This also aims at inculcating improvement in teaching and to bring excellence in learning. The information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential.

Kindly provide your honest opinion on the following matters.
Name of Institution that you teach in: *
Course(s) that you teach: *
You reside: *
You have been working in this Institution / University: *
1) The courses / syllabi taught by me have a good balance between theory and practical application: *
2) The objectives of the syllabi are well defined: *
3) The books, journals, etc. prescribed / listed as reference materials are relevant, updated and cover the entire syllabi: *
4)The courses / syllabi of the subjects taught by me continually increase my interest, knowledge and perspective in the subject area: *
5) The Institution / University gives me the freedom to adopt new teaching techniques / strategies such as group discussions, seminar presentations, learners' participation, etc.: *
6) The Institution / University gives me the freedom to adopt new techniques / strategies to internally test and assess the students’ academic progress *
7) Examinations and all other forms of assessment are conducted well in time with proper coverage of all units of the syllabi: *
8) The prescribed books are available in the library in sufficient numbers: *
9) The environment in the institution is conducive to teaching: *
10) The environment in the institution is conducive to research: *
11) The administration is teacher friendly: *
12) The Institution / University provides adequate opportunities and support to teaching faculty for upgrading their skills and qualifications: *
13) ICT (Information and Communication Technology) facilities in the Institution / University are adequate and satisfactory: *
14) Separate area in the campus canteen is provided for teaching faculty: *
15) Washrooms are clean and properly maintained: *
16) Classrooms, other teaching and demonstration areas are clean and well maintained: *
17) How do you find your working conditions? *
18) How do you generally commute from outside the campus to the Institution / University? *
19) Approximate distance of Institution / University campus from your residence (in km): *
Suggestions, if any: *
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